Sebok Sextorted

Date: 2013-05-08 Hits: 33

Two California men were recently sentenced for trying to extort professional poker player Joe Sebock and other individuals. The two men, Tyler Schrier and Keith James Hudson, illegally accessed Sebock’s computer, and threatened to make public some allegedly nude photographs unless Sebock paid them off.

Sebock has claimed that the extortion caused him to reduce his participation in the poker community and affected his ability to maintain his current sponsorships and find new ones. Prosecutors also claim that Schrier had obtained more than $26,000 from extortion of other poker players, by threatening to expose their online secrets to the world.

For their crimes, Schrier was sentenced to 42 months in prison, and Hudson was sentenced to 24 months. A third individual involved in the extortion will be sentenced later this year.