Poker Hand Murder

Date: 2013-05-08 Hits: 42

A recent murder investigation in China led to the discovery of three playing cards found with the dead body, creating curiosity over what was dubbed the “poker card” murders. After investigation, though, the poker cards were found to be a false tell; the killer, identified in the article only by his surname He, did not even know that the cards were with the body.

The story still has some gambling connections, as the victim, identified by surname Cheng, struck up an intimate relationship with He after meeting online while playing cards. The murder was, according to reports, instigated by an argument between the lovers about Cheng’s continued contact with another man online.

He claims that after killing Cheng, the three cards must have fallen into the box where he hid the body, unbeknownst to him. People following the murder in the media were intrigued by the poker cards and their significance. Sometimes, though, a card is just a card.