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There is hardly a currency that has been able to take off in recent months and years in such a way as the crypto currency Bitcoin. There are many reasons for this, but at the same time the electronic currency has also fuelled numerous discussions. The Bitcoin trading places are always in the focus, as for example But is also a secure provider? Or does the friends at the trade turn out in the end nevertheless as bad surprise? We took the offer in the test completely exactly under the magnifying glass and want to represent in the following all results.

As in each other industry, there are also with the Bitcoin market places not excluding respectable offerers. After all, the rise of Bitcoin in recent years is unprecedented and for this reason has naturally drawn many criminals under its spell. However, we can state right at the beginning of our test report that is a serious and reliable provider. There are several reasons for this, which we will of course also name exactly in the further course. For the moment first of all important: Nobody has to worry about the seriousness of the provider.

Our experiences at a glance

An important argument for the provider can be found, for example, when looking at the background: Bitcoin Deutschland AG is a listed company that acts as a broker for Fidor Bank. This bank again is a full-fledged on-line bank, which is equipped naturally with a license of the financial supervisory authority. This background already betrays that everything is right here. By the way: With a good 220,000 users, is the largest Bitcoin marketplace in Europe and stores around 98 percent of the Bitcoin user base offline. The provider can finance itself through a small fee, which is charged for all transactions. This is divided always to same portions between buyer and salesman.

At first sight represents exactly what is expected from a market place. To see are always offers of buyers and sellers, which are updated in the cycle of few seconds. Additionally in addition the clear organization pulls itself by the entire web page, to which beside the commercial center actually also still another forum and a news section belong. So before a few Bitcoin deals are made, the merchants can first inform themselves about the current status of things. The most important condition for this is an own account, which can be opened free of charge. Check: Fraud or not

A fraud might represent for each user so pretty much the worst scenario. However, we can reassure you at this point, because every user has to deal with a highly reputable provider. As already mentioned, it is one of the largest Bitcoin marketplaces in the world. Furthermore, there is a public limited company behind the whole thing, which is therefore financially strong in every respect. The deposits of all users are protected by the statutory deposit insurance up to an amount of 100,000 euros. In this respect, every user enjoys an enormously serious framework and can rely on the fact that all transactions are handled reliably and securely.

Bitcoin Deutschland AG is also active as a broker for Fidor Bank. With this enterprise it concerns a quite recent bank, which makes its Portfolio available exclusively on-line. Equipped is the Fidor bank with all necessarily licenses, at the same time the banking house particularly with view of alternative currencies and on-line business in its recent history already a name to make itself can.

Overview over the offer of

The substantial sign of the offerer are naturally the activities as market place for the Bitcoin. Each user can open a free account with the offerer and participate afterwards in the active trade. Already directly on the starting side current purchase and sales offers are. In addition, the development of the Bitcoin price in the last 48 hours is shown in a chart here. That is quite a plus point, because for a short own analysis a separate offerer does not have to be headed so extra a separate offerer.

The trade succeeds itself conceivably simply, since the offerer fixes itself also on the needs of the beginners. All Buttons and operating surfaces are clearly marked, can orient themselves the users without long acclimatization phase. It is important to know that a fee is raised for the trade with the crypto currency. This is always dependent on how high the Bitcoin quantity is, which is traded between salesman and buyer. The fee is then also shared between these two parties. In general, the marketplace fee is 0.8 percent for those who use express trading. By the way: If a Bitcoin quantity is to be sold, this must be at least 60 euros, offered at the current Bitcoin rate. With the purchase inquiries it is likewise likewise at least 60 euro.

Besides the activities as market place is besides busy to keep the users informed about pieces of news and developments approximately around the Bitcoin. For this the news section on the web page, in which numerous exciting articles are to be found, can be headed for. Beyond that a forum range is ready, in which the users can exchange themselves with other Usern.

The web page of
The web page of

Inputs and withdrawals at

In general, users should note that the use of the marketplace is only possible with the Euro, or only this currency can be used for the purchase of Bitcoins. The payments are processed with the help of the SEPA transfer. Surely it is interesting to know that no fees are charged for the deposits.

In order to be able to make withdrawals, users must also revert to the SEPA credit transfer. It is possible to pay out from an amount of 30 euros, at the same time the constantly changing payout fees must be taken into account. The fee a user has to pay out depends on the fee charged by the Bitcoin network. However, the current price can be viewed at any time on the website and is therefore no nasty surprise. In general, it can also be said that the processing of payments can be done very easily, as all important information can be read on the homepage of the marketplace.

Security and regulation

The issue of security naturally plays an important role in Bitcoin trading. The currency has an enormous value and is therefore a valuable commodity for criminals. However knows to protect itself, because all user data are protected here with a SSL coding and exclusively secured transferred. Thus, when opening an account, there is no danger of unauthorized persons tampering with one’s own data. Another important aspect is the protection of your own funds. These are protected with the trade over the market place by the deposit protection of the European union and owing to national security up to an amount of 100,000 euro surely.

As already mentioned, besides the enormous background speaks for the respectable offer of the commercial center. Behind standsĀ  with the Bitcoin Germany AG a strong enterprise, which is again part of the still stronger Bitcoin Group SE. Meanwhile besides more than 200,000 users are active on the market place, so that at each time a safe and respectable offer can be assumed.

Customer support

The customer support consists with essentially of two parts. On the one hand a direct discussion with the coworkers is offered, which can be converted by E-Mail. Here naturally a certain waiting time must be taken up, which lies usually however only with few hours. In addition to an e-mail, the provider also provides a very extensive FAQ area in which users can search for the answer to their question themselves at any time. Who looks for only general information to the commercial center, that is here in any case well served.

Available are the coworkers in the customer support by Mail in principle around the clock. It should also be praised that German users always receive feedback in German. A little tip: If you discover a bug at the provider, you can secure a reward for it. So it’s definitely worth pointing out errors or technical problems to the provider.

User friendliness of

In our experience, the user friendliness of the provider can be regarded as high for various reasons. On the one hand the basic structure of the web page is enormously clear. The most important areas are immediately visible at a glance, and you can switch between the different sectors with a simple click in the navigation bar at the top. Also great and helpful is the presentation of current offers, which can be discovered directly on the home page. The current Bitcoin price of the last 48 hours rounds off the overview and ensures that every trader is immediately “in the news”. All in all, there are no points of criticism at all, the marketplace has implemented its appearance enormously well.

Mobile App

Mobile trade plays an important role for many Bitcoin users and accordingly also occupies an important place at The marketplace has optimized its portfolio for all mobile devices, but not every device can be used with its own software. Users of an iOS or Android device are better off here, as a download app can be downloaded easily from the App Store or Google Playstore. There are no costs, at the same time the subsequent installation is carried out automatically. Trade with the App is as easy as on the website, because it works with an intuitive design. Another alternative is the mobile web app from A Download is not necessary in this case, can be used the Web version with each mobile terminal.

Fazit: Fair offer on a gigantic market place

The trade with the Bitcoin became due to the rising value of the Kryptowhrung in the last years naturally ever more interesting. Also many inexperienced users enter and find according to our test with this offerer exactly the correct market place. The offer is in comparison to other Bitcoin Exchanges in such a way conceived that also beginners can find their way without large experiences. All Buttons and functions are clearly inscribed, besides the offerer deals transparent and fair with the topic fees.

Impressive is the respectable background in form of a corporation, which provides with each individual business for a good feeling in the belly. Further plus points give it after our experiences besides for the fact that a large circle of users can be offered up, which brings out again some particularly attractive offers. In addition, also provides a forum and a news section. All in all a really successful appearance of the provider. And it can be said that is not only one of the best Bitcoin marketplaces in Europe. All these points summarized, could exclude a fraud or a Abzocken definitely.