Trend 2016: Face Recognition In Online Casinos!

In many terrestrial casinos, especially in the USA, facial recognition systems are already very common. In the meantime, virtual casinos are also increasingly thinking about introducing this possibility in online gaming. This system, which we know from numerous films such as 21 and Oceans 11, is not an absolute novelty, but nevertheless always provides surprises.

What is a facial recognition system?

Today there are different technologies of this kind, which are mainly used for security purposes. Banks and large companies use facial recognition systems to find out who is requesting access to a particular service and to ensure that it is really the authorised person.

A facial recognition device is a fusion of different hardware components with particularly powerful software. The goal is to identify the individual using a digital image. This is particularly typical for security and surveillance systems. The identification process is based on an image that is compared with the data in the database. Most applications involve access control for sensitive areas. There it is particularly important to be able to carry out a secure identification in order to avoid fraud.

The aim is to identify the individual using a digital image. This is particularly typical for security and surveillance systems.

In establishments such as casinos, where very large sums of money are in circulation, it is not surprising that facial recognition systems have also been used here. These are mainly found in Las Vegas casinos, but are also becoming increasingly popular in Europe, for example in casinos in Barcelona and Madrid. The main purpose in casinos is to match the face of visitors with a list of people who are banned and blacklisted.

The principle of facial recognition in online gaming

Currently, several developers are working to implement this idea. One of them is Facebanx. The face of the player is registered via a webcam and an identification profile is created. As soon as the player logs in, his face is matched with the data in the database.

Another company trying to develop facial recognition systems for online gaming is Smowltech. This system uses a webcam and an algorithm. However, the application of this technology in the virtual world could prove to be difficult. The goal of the developers is to convince the players that these systems not only serve the casino providers, but also the players themselves benefit from the increased security standards.

The online game will probably lose some of its followers who for various reasons do not want to undergo such facial recognition. But why? Do they have anything to hide? As a correctly registered player, the casino already knows your name anyway.

For the casino providers there are several reasons to promote these services. For example, it can deny access to addicted players who have excluded themselves from gambling.

It also prevents illegal players from sitting at online gaming tables. The option of double access for players playing under a single nickname and alternating tournaments is thus made impossible.