Comdirect Experiences

The comdirect bank describes itself as a performance broker and is one of the market leaders among online brokers in Germany. Founded in 1994 as a direct bank, since the mid-1990s it has focused on young, modern and dynamic investors and thus on online brokerage. With consulting, banking and brokerage, comdirect mainly occupies three fields of competence. Over 1.5 million private customers now handle their financial transactions, such as time deposits, call money, current accounts and share orders via the provider. Of course, comdirect is serious and we were able to rule out fraud and rip-off in our test.

As one of the market leaders, comdirect provides its own customers with a comprehensive range of services. In addition to stock trading, the company also offers the full range of banking services, including asset and financial consulting, as a full-service bank. In online brokerage, the bank has created all the technical prerequisites for self-determined asset management. It is linked to all German stock exchanges as well as to 46 foreign exchanges. Live trading enables over-the-counter trading in real time, which leads to an extensive stock offering. In their securities transactions, traders are supported by technical analyses such as expert chart analyses, stock signals and price supply tools. These include, among other things, convenient order functions such as “Trailing Stop”, “Next Order” and “One cancels other”.

Video preview of comdirect

In the following video you will find our experience with comdirect in the summary. We will also show you how the registration process works and show you the first steps with the provider.

Now take a look at the video to get a preview of comdirect:

Offers and conditions of comdirect

The standard order fees on German stock exchanges amount to a basic price of € 4.90 and 0.25 percent of the order volume. In addition, some stock exchange fees are charged. The corresponding order costs are also incurred in the case of a fund purchase on the stock exchange. If you buy fund units via a fund company, the issue premium, which may be discounted, plus any third-party expenses incurred, is calculated.

For worldwide trading, the cost per order is € 7.90 plus 0.25 percent of the order volume, whereby these orders must be placed exclusively by telephone. The only exceptions to this are US orders, which can also be placed online, but against a flat-rate surcharge of €15.

For the first three years, the management of the securities account at comdirect is free of charge. If there are no activities in connection with the account during this period, the provider will charge €1.95 per month. If you execute at least two trades within a quarter, have a current account with the bank or regularly operate a savings plan, the management of a custody account for shares remains free of charge.

A custody account with comdirect contains free dividend and interest payments, no fees are charged for order cancellations or changes, limit changes and partial executions. If you are one of the most active traders and place at least 125 orders in a half-year period, you will receive a discount of 15 percent.

In addition to the full range of banking products, comdirect offers one of the largest securities offers of any broker. Both warrants, as well as certificates, CFDs, funds and shares can be traded, whereby an enormous selection is to the investors at the disposal. More than 10,000 funds, over 1,000 ETFs and around 150 fund companies are available to choose from. In this large portfolio, almost 500 funds and ETFs are eligible for savings planning. In addition, there are the usual bank offers with overnight and fixed-term deposit offers. The current account as well as the Visa card, construction financing and instalment loans round off the range. At the same time, customers can request personal and independent investment advice with suggestions for optimising their capital investments. In the end, however, it is up to you which recommendations you wish to implement.

In addition to the standard order types, the range of services also includes unlimited real-time rates. In addition, the comdirect securities account offers all common forms of order types and additions. In addition to the usual stop and limit order types, this also includes Trailing Stop and the OCO order.

Comdirect and using the app on the move

As a comdirect customer, you can also use the app to conduct banking transactions on the move at any time. Just to check account balances and transfers, or to place a securities order, you don’t have to go to the nearest branch, just take a look or click on the iPhone. When you start using the app, you must define a password, which you must enter each time you start it and after a certain period of inactivity. In this way, your account, depot and device are secure, even if they are stolen. An account is required to start, but other accounts can be added afterwards. In addition, there is an ATM finder for all credit institutions in the user’s area on the App.

The latest mobile app version adds a new level of security, it has the iOS-7 design and photoTAN procedure. The overall simple operation, including the functionally designed user interface, is extremely customer-friendly and speaks for itself. On this level can be found only very heavily elsewhere free bank Apps, there one can take for the App quite the compulsion to an account on itself for the App.

Bonus with high attractiveness

Who opens at present with comdirect a free Girokonto, can be pleased about a welcome premium of up to 150€. The premium consists of three positions of 50 € each. There is 50 ? as activity premium, further 50 ? for the account change and as satisfaction warranty puts the bank again 50 ? on it, which leads altogether to a bonus of 150 ? This bonus is paid to all those who do not yet have a current account with comdirect.

The activity bonus is paid by comdirect if you have initiated at least five transactions, such as deposits and withdrawals, transfers, withdrawals from ATMs, direct debit payments, credit card transactions or securities purchases and sales with a turnover of more than € 25, within the first three months of opening the account. In this case, the Activity Bonus will be credited to your account in the fourth month following the opening of the account.

You will also receive a credit for the Bill of Exchange Bonus in the fourth month following the opening of the account if you have closed your previous salary account. For this purpose, it is necessary to confirm the closure of your personal account to comdirect within the first three months of opening the account.

Another 50 € you will receive as a satisfaction guarantee if you are not satisfied with the current account. It is therefore necessary that you do not give your reasons for dissatisfaction to the bank before 12 months have elapsed since the account was opened. Further requirements are that you have received both the 50 euro activity premium in the fourth month after opening, as well as the account change premium. In addition, a further 5 transactions of 25 € and more were required each month.

Good support at comdirect

If you decide to entrust your capital to comdirect, with or without advice, you have the option of contacting a competent contact person. This can take place in different ways, among other things also by Mail or by telephone. Each customer has the possibility of turning to the friendly team of the support with general questions to plant or charts of accounts or other questions to the offerer. As already mentioned, it is not only possible to contact the support by mail or telephone, but also by chat and contact form. The support is so extensive that even an on-site service for PC problems, a card blocking service, a callback service as well as numerous apps, including the possibility to contact via networks such as Youtube, Facebook and Twitter, is available.

Once the depot has finally been opened and the customer consultation has taken place, customers can reach their personal contacts for problems and questions not only by telephone, but also by video telephony. This ensures personal contact and a strengthening of customer confidence in the contact person.

Offers for training courses and webinars at comdirect

The company provides its customers with a variety of training courses for securities, especially shares. These can be taken up both live locally and on-line in Webinars. In our test we made the experience that by the training offer of the comdirect the Trader possibilities receive to optimize their Trading again and again over and over again around more successfully at the markets to act to be able. This is all the more important as comdirect offers customers the opportunity to take advantage of all training courses free of charge. In addition, the training offers of the partners with whom the bank cooperates are also available to customers. We have found in the test that the seminars and webinars offered are effective in helping traders to trade more successfully and to apply secure strategies. Participation in the bank’s offers is therefore highly recommended.

Regulation and deposit protection

Of course, comdirect has also taken precautions to protect not only customer data but also investors’ capital as comprehensively as possible. The deposits are therefore first of all legally secured by the compensation institution of the German banks. In addition, comdirect is one of the members of the Association of German Banks, which also promises good protection. This secures client assets up to an amount of more than 115,000,000 euros against unlawful loss.

Registration and registration with comdirect

Our experience in setting up a trading portfolio, like so much at this company, is also impressively uncomplicated. The process is relatively easy to complete by filling out a form containing contact details and the applicant’s professional situation. In addition, the bank would like information about your trading experience. Then, before the application is sent, you can check all the information and print it out for your own records, as well as a signed written copy, and send it to the broker. comdirect checks your custody account application and usually requires verification via the Postident procedure before the account is activated and you can start trading. In our experience, the process of opening a securities account is almost identical for all brokers; the differences actually lie only in absolute details. However, Comdirect offers you a video that goes beyond the registration process and gives you an initial overview of the broker and allows you to get to know him. In addition to the registration formalities, you will also learn details about the possibilities offered by the bank as a broker and will be introduced to you by comdirect as a broker.

Our conclusion on the securities account at comdirect

In our experience, comdirect enables extensive and professional securities trading. This provider offers the opportunity to trade in a wide range of securities and also to invest in savings plans or funds. In addition, the company offers convenient opportunities to participate in mobile securities trading, seminars and webinars. The broker also offers excellent support, which is available around the clock seven days a week. As already mentioned, in addition to the standardised options, there is also the possibility of making contact via live chat or video conversation. One can absolutely recommend this broker with its offer. The favorable conditions with the trade as well as the extensive offer provide in any case for a high measure of comfort and flexibility.


comdirect should be even the customer a term in the world of the stock trade not yet so much to know. I rely with my security trades on established marks, so that I can be completely sure of the respectability. This is the case with comdirect. I always receive expert advice and an individual contact person is available to me directly in the event of problems. The bank is certainly suitable for beginners who want a certain degree of security when trading. However, there are other providers with a little better offers, which I do not want to go into in my short evaluation now. From me there are 4 of 5 stars.

written 48 months ago


When I started trading stocks, I contacted comdirect Bank directly. They gave me full advice and provided me with literature that I could use to familiarize myself with the subject matter. All in all, this has enabled me to build up a fundamental understanding of the financial markets. This helps me with my daily trading. At times, however, my securities account is not used for day trading, but simply to hold the shares together. With a quick look at the online overview, I know what my securities are like. Full evaluation therefore from my side.

written 46 months ago


In fact, I was looking for a provider where I could have my shares managed cheaply and also found them with comdirect. Meanwhile I noticed that the broker still offers much more, among other things the CFD trade with more than 12,000 underlyings and fair spreads.

written 38 months ago


I looked for above all a offerer, with which I can develop myself independently and on a long-term basis a solid age precaution. Via the comdirect securities account I have access to many inexpensive funds and ETFs.

written 37 months ago



With Comdirect, I have found an absolutely reliable provider with whom I can approach long-term investments. The favorable fee model provides for the fact that from the net yield as much as possible remains.

written 23 months ago