Ayondo Provides Protection For Cfd Brokerage Participants

The risk in CFD brokerage is more than great and many CFD brokers have little to offer to protect clients’ funds when it comes to maximizing losses. The fact is that CFD brokerage and CFD trading is not very easy and something can quickly be done wrong. At Ayondo there are now two functions with the “Loss Protection” and the “Personal Risk Settings” with which the entire account can be somewhat protected.

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Ayondo “Loss Protecion” offers protection against total loss

In CFD brokerage it is not only important that high returns and profits are achieved, but also that your own credit is secured. If you use the Loss Protection function for your Ayondo account, you will soon notice that this is a kind of stop-loss function. It is possible that a sum can be defined in the Loss Protection section. This can be flexibly set to a certain value in accordance with the investor’s wishes and ensures that no further positions are opened in the online securities account when the amount is reached.

Loss protection is a very simple function that can be easily set up. It is possible that the own balance can be hedged more than extensively, which is of course recommended in any case.

Personal risk settings – minimize the risk for traders

Who wants to adjust the personal risk in the settings can make sure that a trader in the portfolio does not cost too much. Especially if a trader in the portfolio is in the loss area, this function can be useful. In the portfolio it is possible that for each trade in the portfolio the slider itself can be defined or set. In the online securities account, click on the “Set individual values” button to make the corresponding risk settings.

A corresponding manual with explanations can be found directly on the Ayondo homepage. If you have any questions regarding security and investor protection, it is also possible to contact Ayondo’s support without great effort. The social trading functions at Ayondo are particularly popular and ensure that many people follow other traders. Nevertheless, you have to keep an eye on how the other traders set up their depot and whether it makes losses or whether everything is in the green zone.

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